Conversion Rate

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All about Conversion Rates

PPC Conversion Rate refers to the percentage of people converted into customers after clicking on your ads. A conversion may mean they make a purchase, complete a contact form, request a free trial, or take another desired action. It entirely depends upon your business goals. The higher is your conversion rate the higher you drive results for your business. Conversion basically is an action you want to be completed after your PPC ad is clicked. At Virtual Oplosiing we use the best conversion rate calculator to provide you the accurate results.

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How to track PPC conversion?

In order to track conversions from PPC, you need to create a code to insert into the thank-you or confirmation page a visitor lands on after converting. So if you have multiple conversions you're going to need a landing page, confirmation page, and code for each one. By measuring the conversion rates, you can see what campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads, and landing pages are receiving the most conversions and make changes accordingly.

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